Day time and over time work

The regular day-work pay can either be monthly pay or hourly pay. When monthly wages are paid for day-work, the worker receives the agreed monthly pay, irrespective of the number of workdays (Mondays-Fridays) during the month. 

The hourly pay for day work is established by dividing the monthly pay by 173.33. The paid wages every month are determined by the number of day-work hours in the relevant month. 

Overtime pay is paid for work in excess of 8 hours per day and 40 hours per week. Work performed outside day time hours is remunerated with overtime pay. 

It is not permitted to pay day-time wages for work performed during hours outside day-time hours even though the worker in question has not done his full 8 hours in day-time.

Overtime is in general paid at an hourly rate equalling 1.0385% of the monthly wages for regular day work. Special provisions may apply for overtime under collective agreements. 

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