Accidents at work and occupational diseases

The rights of workers in cases of work-related injuries (accidents at work and occupational diseases) when the worker cannot hold the employer accountable, his subordinates or others whom he is responsible for, are regulated in the Act Respecting Labourers' Right to Wages on Account of Absence through Sickness and Accidents No. 19/1979, and further improved upon on in collective agreements. Those rights are sickness pay and in addition, day-time wages for up to three months. 

In addition to sickness pay, in each case of a work related accident or occupational disease caused by work, or if it is a direct consequence of his work, or occurs during the worker’s journey back and forth from the place of work, the concerned employer is required to pay in addition to normal sickness pay, wages for up to three months according to the worker’s day-time wages at the time the accident or sickness, provided all payments from the social security and/or from the national health insurance are paid directly to the employer. 

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