Parental leave – unpaid

Each parent is entitled to unpaid independent parental leave for four months to care for his/her children. This right is non-transferable.  Parental leave is not accompanied by payment from the Maternity/Paternity Leave Fund. The right to parental leave ends when the child reaches the age of eight years.

A worker acquires the right to parental leave after completion of work for six consecutive months by the same employer. A worker who intends to exercise his right to parental leave has to notify his employer thereof in writing, as soon as possible, and at the latest six weeks prior to the first day of the intended leave. The worker has to state the starting day of the intended leave, its length and its structure. 

The employer shall record the taking of parental leave, enabling the worker to obtain a certificate stating the number of days of parental leave if he/she wishes to do so.

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