Employment protection

The employment relationship is to remain unchanged during maternity/paternity leave and parental leave. This means that the worker is entitled to return to his job upon the completion of maternity/paternity leave or parental leave. Should this not be possible, he shall be entitled to a comparable position with the employer according to a contract of employment. 

The employer is not permitted to dismiss a worker due to the fact that he has given notice of intended maternity/paternity leave or parental leave or during his maternity/paternity leave or parental leave, without reasonable cause, and in such a case, the dismissal shall be accompanied by written arguments. The same rule applies to pregnant women, and women who have recently given birth.

This prohibition does not preclude a dismissal if the employer can show without any doubt whatsoever that the reason behind the dismissal is not related to the special status of the worker. This would apply in cases of dire economic difficulties experienced by the undertaking where all workers are treated equally when it comes to nominate those who are to be dismissed. 

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