Workplace representation

Workers belonging to each trade union have a right to elect one union representative in workplaces employing 5 to 50 workers, and two union representatives, if the number of workers exceeds 50. After the election, the trade union appoints the union representatives. This principle is established under Act No. 80/1938 and further developed in collective agreements. Union representatives are appointed for a term of two years. 

The role of trade union representatives is to receive and assess complaints from their fellow workers relating to unsatisfactory terms of employment or facilities etc. If they consider the complaints valid they must forward them to the employer and claim for amendment. Union representatives are permitted to call a meeting twice a year during working hours at the workplace. The meetings must be called in consultation with the relevant trade union and the management of the company. A union representative is entitled, after consulting his employer, to leave work on account of his duties as union representative without reduction in full normal wages based on regular working hours. Employers are not permitted to terminate the employment of trade union representatives on account of their status as such or to let them in any way suffer for the fact that a trade union has charged them with discharging duties for the union. In case an employer plans to reduce the number of workers a trade union representative is, other things being equal, to have priority in retaining his job.
According to an agreement signed by ASI and SA in February 2008 workers in companies employing at least 50 workers on a regular basis have a right to appoint two members to a four member consultative committee. This committee serves as a forum for the exchange of information between the representatives of the company and workers, concerning the current economic state of the company, its probable development and changes which may affect the employment status of the workers. This Agreement is based on the Act no. 151/2006 Act on the general framework for the right of workers to information and consultation.

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