The public sector

The first chapter of the CAPS Act stipulates on the scope of the legislation. All employees that are members to trade unions that have the right to negotiate for employees working for the state and the local authorities (Art. 1). The contracting parties are the Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs on behalf of the state and the boards of municipalities (Art. 3) and the trade unions of employees for the state and the local authorities (Art. 4).  The trade unions in the public sector have to meet certain criteria to have the right to bargain collectively (Art. 5) and only one trade union shall have the right to negotiate agreements with the same employer for the same class of employers (Art. 6 and 7). The second chapter of CAPS regards the content and duration of the collective agreements as well as accountability. The third chapter covers the rules on the right to strike and the last three chapters regard the Labour Court, shop-stewards and various articles.

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