Holiday period

Holiday is to be granted during the period 2 May to 15 September each year (summer holiday period), but the social partners may make provisions in collective agreements for holiday to be taken at other times of the year when particular operational circumstances render this necessary. Nevertheless, workers shall at all times be given the right to take at least 14 days’ holiday during the summer holiday period. 

The employer determines, in consultation with his workers, when holiday is to be granted, within the period 2 May to 15 September each year.  The employer has to comply with the wishes of his workers, to the extent possible, as to when holiday is granted, taking into account the operations of his company. After the employer has ascertained the wishes of his worker, he must, as soon as possible and at the latest one month before the beginning of the holiday, announce when they are to begin, unless special circumstances make this impossible.

In order to defend the purpose of the holiday, the worker may not forfeit his time off and take pay or other benefits instead during his holidays. 

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