Holidays and holiday allowance

Workers have the right to holidays and a holiday allowance, according to the rules contained in the Holiday Allowance Act No. 30/1987The Act sets minimum rights in this field but collective agreements provide for further rights depending on various factors such as length of service with and age. The Act provides for a minimum of two working days' holiday for each month in employment during the past holiday allowance year (May 1st to April 30th), two weeks or more constituting one month in this respect, shorter periods not being counted. The minimum holiday for each year is therefore 24 working days. Sundays and other public holidays do not count as holidays in this respect, nor the first five Saturdays during holidays. This rule applies regardless of the worker being employed by one or more employers during the past holiday allowance year.

Collective agreements contain provisions on broader leave entitlement according to the worker’s length of service. 

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