Health and safety

The Act No. 46/1980 on Working Environment, Health and Safety of Workers require employers, depending on the number of their workers, to set up a consultation mechanism on health and safety issues at work. In enterprises employing 10 workers or more, the employer is required to appoint one safety guard on his behalf and the workers must appoint another from their group as safety representative. Cooperatively they are entrusted with the working environment, health and safety in their workplace.

In enterprises employing 50 workers or more, a safety committee must be established. The workers select from their group two representatives and the employer appoints two representatives. Safety committees are entrusted with organizing activities concerning the working environment, health and safety at work, informing the workers of these matters, inspection of the workplaces and to ensure that measures are taken to improve the working environment and that health and safety measures are fully effective. The employer must make sure that elected safety representatives receive the training needed for carrying out their roles.

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