Temporary work permits

Temporary work permits are issued by the Directorate of Labour on the basis of an application by an employer seeking to employ a non-EEA national. 

The main conditions for granting a temporary work permit are as follows:
 that qualified persons cannot be found in Iceland, that occupational sectors in the country lack workers, or that there are other special reasons for granting such permits. 
 the employer must submit an application to the regional employment office for workers, except where it is a foregone conclusion, in the opinion of the Directorate of Labour, that such an application will prove unsuccessful.
 the local trade union or the appropriate national federation, has made its comment on the application from the employer. The Union must submit its comments within 14 days of receiving the application from the employer. However, this condition may be waived in special cases where there is no trade union or national federation in the relevant occupation.

Further requirements 
 Employment contract. This document must be prepared and signed by both parties covering a specific period of employment or task and guaranteeing the worker wages and other terms of employment equal to those enjoyed by local residents. See Act No. 55/1980.
 Health insurance. Employers hiring non-EEA personnel must take out health insurance covering the first 6 months of their stay in Iceland. After 6 months non-EEA personnel enjoy equal treatment within the social security system.
 Expatriation. The employer is responsible for sending the worker back to his home country at the end of his employment in Iceland, if the worker becomes incapable of working for a long period due to illness or accident and in the event of the termination of employment for which the worker is not responsible. 
 Health certificate. Satisfactory health certificate for the worker must be submitted to the Directorate of Labour. 
 Regulated professions. If the worker is engaged to provide services within occupational sectors which require certain professional qualifications the applicant employer must provide the Directorate of Labour with evidence that his professional qualifications have been recognized by the relevant authorities in Iceland.

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