Young workers

Rules regarding work of children and adolescents are found in Act No. 46/1980 on Working Environment, Health and Safety of workers and in Regulation 426/1999. Limitations are set as to the type of work, working environment and working time of young people. i.e. under the age of 18. 

The regulation outlines the type of work that is allowed or prohibited, working time etc. and for this purpose classifies young workers into three groups: 
 Youth; an individual under the age of 18.
 Child; an individual under the age of 15 or who is still in compulsory schooling.
 Adolescent;  an individual who has reached the age of 15 but is younger than 18, and is no longer in compulsory school.

The regulation is built upon the basic principle that the organization of work is focused on safety and that the mental and physical health of youths is not jeopardised. The work undertaken by youths must not have disturbing effects on their education or development. Young workers enjoy a right to particular assistance and care by the employer.

An employer must inform his workers, who work with youths, and those in charge of a company's safety measures, of the demands that are made to the work of youths and ensure that they are abided by and that they are followed in the execution, organization and supervision of the work of youths.

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