Written statement or contract of employment

If a worker is hired for longer than one month and on average for more than 8 hours per week, a written contract of employment must be made, or terms of employment confirmed by the employer in writing, no later than 2 months after the work began. (Contract form in English) 

The contract/statement must include the following information:
1. Identities of the parties. 
2. The place of work and domicile of employer; where there is no fixed or main place of work, the principle that the worker is employed at various places.
3. The title, grade, nature or category of the work for which the worker is employed, or a brief specification or description of the work. 
4. The date of commencement of the contract or employment relationship. 
5. In the case of a temporary employment, the duration thereof. 
6. Holiday entitlement and holiday allowance. 
7. Length of the notice periods to be observed by the employer and the worker. 
8. Monthly, bi-weekly or weekly pay, other wage items and the frequency of payment of the remuneration to which the worker is entitled. 
9. Length of the worker's normal working day or week. 
10. Pension Fund affiliation. 
11. The collective agreement governing the worker's terms and conditions of work and the relevant Trade Union. 

The information referred to in points 6 to 9 may be given in the form of a reference to the collective agreement governing those particular points. Where an employment relationship comes to an end within a period of two months from the start of work, the information mentioned above must be made available to the worker at the end the relationship. 

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