The Icelandic Confederation of Labour (ASI) is built up of 48 trade unions of general workers, office and retail workers, seamen, construction and industrial workers, electrical workers and various other professions in the private sector and part of the public sector. These trade unions affiliate to 5 national federations which in turn are affiliate to ASI. In addition there are 7 national unions which directly affiliate to ASI.

About of organised labour in Iceland are members of trade unions which affiliate to ASÍ. The total number of members of ASÍ today is about 133.000; thereof 120.000 members are active on the labour market. The union density in Iceland is over 80%. The two largest trade unions in Iceland are VR with approx. 37.000 members and Efling-stéttarfélag with approx. 30.000 members, both of them are members of ASI. 


Excerpt from the collective wage agreements (May 2019)

Report on wage theft and abuse (09/19)

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